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Truly Great Crêpes

        Crème de la Crêpe was built on the idea of bringing fresh food with French concepts to Atlanta. Our core values include showing our customers excellence in authenticity, hospitality, and respect. We are committed to bringing genuine and authentic French cuisine with the most authentic ingredients and preparation possible. We believe that the diversity that we bring to any environment is at the highest level of energy, and enthusiasm. We honor our customers, and strive  to honor dietary restrictions and a healthy lifestyle. 

      Take a stand! Crème de la Crêpe stands for every person that wanted to be someone. We have worked very hard to be where we are today and have strong morals and beliefs that have carried us thus far! Be honest, do the best job you can, be loyal, trust yourself, do the right thing, love everyone, get to know your customer base, treat others like you want to be treated, and promote teamwork and family!  

We are laidback, fast, experienced, caring, hardworking and striving to be sustainable to ensure you can enjoy our food for years to come. Clarivel and Spyros have been researching and experiencing French cuisine since 2005 when the couple first met. They both shared a love for the hospitality industry that drove the creation of Crème de la Crêpe! 

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